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Great news is YOU CAN start today. I personally know the pain and stigma of being broke. Coming from a family of 11 kids who lived in and out of poverty, I overcame many challenges including being born with an agonizing handicap, barely surviving an auto accident that took the life of my brother and left me having to learn to read and write again. I fought through adversity en route to building the $100 million Tax & Accounting Software Corp that employed 450 people and coaching hundreds of business owners.

From significantly growing companies and by the intense study of the Bible and of the practices of super successful people, I learned powerful wealth-building principles.

NOW, I want give YOU these powerful principles in a step by step system. It is the same step by step method our ministry, Redmond Leadership Institute has brought to people all over the world - especially in developing countries - for more about our ministry, please see the bottom of this page.

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Tim Redmond
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I am giving you Wealth Creation coaching sessions that will serve as you Guide to Financial Freedom

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9 Steps to Creating Lasting Wealth

The most balanced Bible-based, step by step proven system to create wealth in a way that gives you financial freedom while honoring God, your family, others AND yourself.

Each step is based on an intense study of the Bible and from the proven practices of massively successful people.

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Power to Create Wealth Formula
John Bevere, Minister and Author(Fear of the Lord, Bait of Satan)
Simon T Bailey, National Speaker of the Year
The Late Dr. Myles MunroeLeadership Specialist, Author, Int’l Speaker
Dr. Lance WallnauTransformational and 7M Expert

Finally...a proven, Biblically-based, wealth-building system that REALLY works!

Power to Create Bundle

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Designed for purpose-driven Christians, the Power to Create Package has already helped thousands of people around the world unlock greater purpose, relationships and finances. Now it is time for you to benefit from this powerful financial system.

We developed the Power to Create Package to help liberate you from a limited poverty mindset and to wake up your amazing God-given design. This innovative multimedia product also reflects the years of extensive Biblical study and feedback from proven Christian business leaders and pastors from around the world.

My time-tested, 9 Step Financial Process has been refined over the last two decades. This repeatable system provides the “track” for you to run on so that you can avoid distractions and stay focused on what matters most.

This package is perfect for:

  • Individuals desiring financial freedom and want a step by step healthy, balanced Biblically-based system that works.
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to start or grow their business
  • Pastors who want grow in solid financial Biblically-based training
  • Small Groups who want an 8 week program to grow in their financial knowledge and generosity

This complete
Power to Create Learning System will help you:

Break 3 Scarcity Beliefs

Break 3 Scarcity Beliefs

Learn how to break free from devastating chains of Scarcity Thinking and the 3 main scarcity lies that blur your vision and hamper your ability to create wealth.

Identify Your Money Map

Identify YOUR Money Map

Provide you a revealing Money Map to clearly identify beliefs that may be sabotaging your success and help you create a positive relationship with money.

7 Keys to Master Money Management

7 Keys to Master Money Management

Master the 7 key steps to Money Management that drives out fear and anxiety typically connected to money and gives you a practical plan to master money.

Unleash the Force of Abundance

Unleash the FORCE of Abundance

Steps to embrace the liberating force of Abundant Thinking in a way you may not have ever heard before and unlocks your unique God-given ability to create - POWERFUL!

Create Wealth Now

Create Wealth Now

Learn how to implement tangible wealth strategies RIGHT NOW, regardless of your current financial situation.

Gain a Whole New View of Wealth

Gain a whole new VIEW of wealth

Redefine Wealth and the Wealth Creation process from a healthy, balanced, life-giving way that boosts your confidence and rids you of the paralyzing voice of doubt and fear.

3 Keys to Get Promoted

3 Keys to Get Promoted

Adapt 3 practical steps to significantly position you for promotion regardless of where you work and what your current position is.

Learn God's Intention with This Gift

Learn God’s Intention with This Gift

Learn what God had in mind when He gave you the Power to Create Wealth. This is very liberating and ignites your unique ability to serve others in dramatic ways!

Utilize 6 Productivity Principles

Utilize 6 Productivity Principles

Implement the 6 key disciplines of the “First Be Fruitful, THEN Multiply” Productivity Principles established in the Bible that directly impacts your daily work habits. These have had a HUGE impact on growth with my coaching clients!

Use WOW to Build Wealthy Relationships

Use WOW! To Build Wealthy Relationships

Implement specific steps of the “How to WOW!” that builds wealth WHILE developing healthy, life-giving, lasting relationships with others AND learning how to respectfully remove yourself from negative, toxic relationships.

Adopt 8 Essential Investing Guidelines

Adopt 8 Essential Investing Guidelines

Learn the 8 powerful guidelines for investing that cost me $800,000 to learn but is making me much more than that today!

Use 5 Investment Strategies

Use 5 Investment Strategies

Implement 5 practical, proven investment strategies for growing your wealth both in the short term AND long term while minimizing your risk.

Embrace Wealth's Reward

Embrace Wealth’s Reward

Embrace a healthy understanding of the role rewards play in God’s plan for our lives instead of resisting them. (This has been SO helpful to so many!)

Live a Purpose Driven Life

Live a Purpose Driven Life

Understand the step-by-step process to find, embrace and live out your God-given purpose more powerfully through the unique wealth-creating abilities God gave you.

Overview of the Power to Create System

Get theEntire Systemfor 70% OFF!
Mike Rovner, Super Successful Owner of a Construction Company in Southern California.
Dennis Slavens, Founding Pastor of Antioch Church, Kansas City
Dr. Joseph Ripley, Pastor of Body of Christ Church Int’l
Jerry Horst, Investor, Real Estate Developer, Missions Specialist

In The Power To Create Wealth-Building Package,You'll Receive

8 Power-Packed Video Sessions

8 Power-Packed Video Sessions

Each session begins with entertaining and engaging “Interviews on the Street” to alert your thinking followed by Tim’s dynamic coaching and concludes by reinforcing the key concepts in a memorable “on location” applicable setting.

8 Life-Changing Audio Sessions

8 Life-Changing Audio Sessions -

Drive the key concepts deep into your heart by conveniently listen to the powerful sessions while driving in the car or working around the house.

Power to Create Book

Power to Create Book -

This highly acclaimed book drills down into the specific how to’s. It is endorsed by these 50 successful business and church leaders. See Endorsements

Power to Create Interactive Workbook and Journal

Power to Create Interactive Workbook and Journal -

Capture your whole learning experience in this Workbook! Each chapter drills the key concepts into practical action plans that lead you in a step by step pathway of creating wealth. (This Workbook is formatted to tap into the same coaching methodologies that my business coaching clients spend thousands to follow)

Expert Videos

Expert Videos -

Each DVD contains a number of insightful videos from various wealth-building experts related to each session to help reinforce each step of the wealth-building process.

  • Money is a result; it should never be our pursuit. Whatever you pursue, you begin to serve. (Matt 6:24, 33)
  • What appears to be a stumbling block, God is going to use as your stepping stone! (Gen 50:20, Rom 12:28)
  • Kingdom-focused wealth is co-creating with God to “Wow!” Others (I Cor 3:9)
  • Opportunities when they first appear don’t always look attractive. (Gen 13:8-14)
  • If the Pancake Lady could turn her entire city around economically with pancakes . . . what can God do through you? (Eph 3:20)
  • Whatever you mismanage, you lose. (Matt 25:29)
  • The love of money is the root of all evil; poverty is the fruit of all evil. (I Tim 6:9-19)
  • Your success is connected to someone else’s problem.
  • Learning drives wealth. The opposite of learning is blaming. (Prov 1-2)
  • Wealth flows out of great, well-organized systems, poverty flows out of chaotic systems. (Gen 1:31, 2:15)
  • Many times, the place of greatest pain becomes launching pad for your wealth creation opportunity. (Ruth 2:11-12)
  • Lack of confidence is a form of poverty. (Heb 10:35)
  • Wealth creates, poverty reacts (Gen 1:1-2)
  • God’s reward to you is giving you a greater capacity to create and serve others. (Matt 25:21)
Power to Create

What Others are Saying:

In addition to what 50 business and church leaders (see their comments here) have said about this life-changing system, this is what people said after experiencing this powerful system.

Lynette Lewis
Lynette Lewis

Corp Consultant, Speaker/Author

In Power to Create, Tim Redmond captures God’s heart to empower us to boldly pursue our purpose and live the adventurous life He intended - experience greater clarity, confidence, and commitment to your amazing God-given assignment.

Rick Fenimore
Rick Fenimore

President, Trinity Chemical Industries, Inc.

This material will capture your imagination and expand your ideas on wealth, purpose giving, and creativity. Catch the vision of the Power to Create!

Kyle McCarter
Kyle McCarter

Entrepreneur & IL State Senator

Tim has found a way to simply communicate how we can tap into the life of wealth that comes by yielding our gifts to God in service to others. His teachings have greatly helped me find spiritual perspective as a business owner and community leader.

Staci Wallace
Staci Wallace

Author & Keynote Speaker

My heart leaps to see a package so clearly captures the power of wealth development for Kingdom purposes. The Power to Create is a must for every entrepreneur, business owner, ministry leader, or anyone with a desire to multiply the gifts God has given them.

This life-changing wealth-building system equips you to fulfill your God-given purpose and assignment!

Discover and unleash your unique Power to Create that will unlock greater purpose, relationships and finances.

These power-packed training sessions with the insightful book and workbook will transform the way you view your Creator, your key relationships, your occupation and your finances. You were created to live a life of joy and generosity. Overcome obstacles, fear, and chaos to fulfill the unique purpose God has for you . . . start by getting the Power to Create Package.

God is calling you to co-create intimately with Him. Join the adventure that awaits you in this complete learning system.

3 Bonuses

For a limited time, when you order the Power to Create Wealth-Building System, you will also get these 3 bonuses at no additional cost:

  • Discovering Your Greatness - Program

    BONUS #1

    Discovering Your Greatness Training Program (Delivered via downloadable mp3 audio files)

  • Discovering Your Greatness - Tools

    BONUS #2

    Four Discovering Your Greatness Productivity Tools which include:

    • Getting Clarity - Fire for Desire
    • Getting Unleashed - Defining Your Freedom
    • Getting Focused - Love / Hate List
    • Getting It Done - Reinforce Your Freedom

    (Delivered via downloadable files)

  • Focus - The Fuel that Drives Progress

    BONUS #3

    Mastermind Session - FOCUS - the Fuel that Drives Progress

    • Full Live Recording
    • Includes a Powerful Q&A Session
    • Getting Focused - Love / Hate List
    • Detailed Outline and Session Notes

The Power to Create and related learning materials have been produced by Redmond Leadership Institute (RLI), a non-profit organization focused on training Christians to lead their organizations more effectively and create practical solutions for those they serve. Tim also serves business owners, pastors, and leaders of organization through Biblically-based Christian Business Coaching.

Directed by Tim and Sandy Redmond, the RLI ministry works with churches, pastors, and business leaders throughout North America and throughout the world. They have invested particularly in reaching leaders in developing countries where strong and effective leadership is desperately needed in order to transform communities and unleash the brilliant and capacities of those people to be much more productive. The end goal of RLI is to train leaders to create better relationships so that the people in each community will work together to replace poverty with increasing levels of adequate provision for all of the people in that community.

Tim and Sandy have ministered in numerous countries in six of the seven continents (haven’t visited Antartica yet!) and are working to get their key messages on the Power to Create and Leadership Effectiveness into the languages of the people they have impacted.

Since Tim’s college days at ORU, he has had a heart to reach prisoners and provide training that would enable them to overcome the tendencies of recidivism and lead a productive life once released from prison. As such, Redmond Leadership Institute has provided the Power to Create curriculum along with individual workbooks to thousands of prisoners throughout the United States. Many of the inmates have written Tim to testify of their heart being transformed by the Power to Create curriculum. Tim also volunteers his Christian Business Coaching expertise to help ex-prisoners set up and run legitimate, healthy businesses that seek to honor God with their profits.